As a psychoanalyst and a psychologist, we have developed our own approach to traditional talk therapy techniques incorporating a mindfulness perspective and specific tools that we teach and use in all our sessions.

Our experience as professional artists – writing, illustrating, performing and composing – informs our work. Creative and playful symbolic expression allows clients to uncover and process his or her deepest emotions and experience new ways of perceiving and being.

We teach workshops and seminars and are training supervisors. Our work is shaped by our extensive background in a variety of psychological approaches, our immersion in creative and dramatic arts, and our journey on the mindful path.


Gretta Keene, LCSW, CST

Gretta is a certified psychoanalyst as well as a sandplay and EMDR practitioner. She has worked extensively with children and adults who have suffered sudden or chronic traumas. As a practicing artist and meditator, she works with clients seeking to identify and actualize their inherent potential.



Bill Murray, PhD

Bill is a clinical psychologist specializing in relationship counseling and the mindfulness-focused  treatment of anxiety issues. He is a certified EMDR and sandplay practitioner. Bill is adept at holding a space of compassionate respect for those who embark on the journey of insight and transformation.


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Catherine Genzler, MA

Mary McGregor, LMSW

Steven Gordon, MHC