Couples therapy with Gretta and Bill is amazing.  

When my wife and I hit some turbulence, they helped us see aspects of each other and ourselves that we couldn't see by ourselves.

We felt relaxed as soon as we sat down.  They guided the conversation, listened intensively, and allowed us to tell our stories.  Gretta and Bill don't judge.  They just guided the conversation and assisted us in healing ourselves.  It didn't take long for the breakthroughs to start.  We were in the middle of a very difficult time, but my wife and I both discovered how much we truly love each other.

It was a pleasure to work with Gretta and Bill.  They gave us verbal guidance, and I would even say that some deep insights and a sense of well-being rubbed off from just being in the same room.  There is nobody better to teach you how to have a great relationship than an experienced and great couple.


I think these two are terrific!  

Our son was having fits of frustration and physical lashing out at school. We were in need of help and I am so glad out search led us to them.  

Never did we feel judged or embarrassed, just relief and understanding. The approach was as smart as it was kind. We ALL learned from the 12 week program and I hope to be able to continue monthly sessions for "tune ups".  

I feel more confident as a parent and I'm even more in love with my family than ever. Our son is doing great and as parents we are better than ever and have more tools to help our boy grow.

I wish there were six stars!


We Highly Recommend!!! They take a compassionate approach that's more than "just talk," but offer concrete tools and solutions. We're New Yorkers; that's what we needed. 

When my husband and I went in search of a compatible Couples Therapist — I was not just resistant, but flat out skeptical (and I'm the "girl"). He was the one pushing us to find more tools to improve our communication. 

[Gretta & Bill] were a great fit for us. We asked them to really feel free to challenge us to grow, hear one another, learn and engage new skills that would support the kind of healthy relationship we are committed to. 

My husband and I are so very skilled in dealing with communication, conflict and tribulation when it comes to others, but like most everyone else, we get stuck sometimes between the two of us. 

They took us to task whole-heartedly, and I must stay I was very impressed with how "kindly" yet honestly they dealt with our strong personalities (mine and his).  As "smarty-pants" I think it's all too easy to con your therapist, and not really do the work.  

I love that they were skilled enough to help us avoid that pitfall. Instead we really did the work needed to make headway. 

Overall — thrilled with our work together. Would recommend them without reservation.


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